today is a very very VERY good day

today is the day that jory became CANON

okay so jory is the paring of these two boys that were in my gym class (cory and julio). at the start of the semester (end of january-ish) i noticed that these two were like nearly inseparable. they would do their work together, they would do their workouts in gym together. they would walk together. they would just be always TOGETHER. neither of them had girlfriends, they were always tOUCHING one another whether it be like a silly slap or a shove or something, and when they would talk ((at least from what i could overhear anyway)) they would talk about each other omg. it was like they were super BFFs except more.

and what i personally found a little amusing was at first julio was sat next to me in the back and cory was two tables in front of us. so julio would gradually move his seat until he was seated next to cory, and then they always sat next to each other. then it came to the point where they would walk to class together EVERY SINGLE DAY.  

one morning cory and julio walked in and this boy was sitting in i THINK julio’s seat so cory told him to move his ass so julio could sit ((because god forbid julio sit away from cory omg)) and the boy did what he was told and cory and julio sat next to each other like the perfect gays they are.

and like when we would do our lab papers we would be in the gym, and cory and julio were OF COURSE doing their work together. there was this one time when cory and julio were opposite of each other and looking at each other and god i’m getting emotional thinking of it kjshdkhjf.

and recently (last week i think) we were playing dodgeball in gym and cory and julio were on the same team, and this boy on the opposite team threw the ball at i think julio’s head or s/t and cory ATTACKED HIM. like yelling and throwing balls at HIM and i was like oh man das right cory you defend your man ksjhdflkhjsdf crying it was so pERFECT.

oh god and don’t even get me STARTED on the games the class would play. if cory and julio were on the same team and if one of them had the ball, they would only throw it to each other. like fuq the other teammates man it’s all about ~*JORY*~

and i became friends with julio a while back and i was talking to him and julio told me that he was sure he wasn’t gay but he couldn’t help feeling a certain way towards cory and it was scary because he knew he wasn’t gay, but he had like ~feelings about cory and it was really upsetting for him and whateva. so i told him when you’re sure about you’re feelings or even if you can’t find yourself to be sure about them, talk to cory and see what happens from there. 

julio did just that ((and this was a few weeks ago i think))

and so today cory told julio about his OWN feelings and apparently they were mutual and julio said that they’re really confused because they’ve obviously never been in a situation like this, but they’re going to work things out together and figure out what’s going on. and cory said that julio put things in “perspective” for him so THEY’RE TOTALLY IN LOVE AND TODAY IS THE BEST DAY EVER.

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